This is a collection of short stories, all told in the POV/found footage format. The main story is of a gang of criminals, who enjoy filming their exploits, have broken into a house and here they find a large collection of VHS tapes, which they go through looking for one in particular. The shorter stories in this anthology are made up by what they find on the VHS tapes.

On a list called ‘Movies Like Paranormal Activity Found Footage Horror Movies’, this is definitely something different. This is because not all of the short stories in this anthology are paranormal in nature, but I enjoyed the parts that were (and were not) so much, I wanted to include it anyway. If you look through the reviews of this movie on Amazon or on a review site, you’ll see how drastically they vary. For example, on 23rd January 2013 Amazon shows:

5 Star Reviews: 35
4 Star Reviews: 36
3 Star Reviews: 32
2 Star Reviews: 30
1 Star Reviews: 56

That may seem like a lot of negative reviews, but many of the 1 Stars left the review after only watching a few minutes of the movie, so my first bit of advice with this movie would be to stick it out and watch the whole thing. I read some reviews of people complaining that the camera was shaking too much in reference to a scene at the beginning where criminals are in the middle of an attack, that just seemed bizarre to me; isn’t that what you’d expect? If the camera was not shaking, would that not seem totally unrealistic? There is one overall story interspersed with other shorter stories. If you enjoy this genre and want something different and even disturbing at times, then this is the movie for you. I enjoyed this movie immensely and while I understand it may not be for everyone, I can honestly say that I found it creepy as hell and interesting.


V/H/S 2

This sequel follows the same format of the original, with the main story showing two private investigators searching the house of a client’s missing son. They look through his substantial collection of VHS tapes and they are the short stories shown throughout. If you thought the first movie had it all, think again, as there’s everything from ghosts, aliens and even zombies in this one!

Again, in terms of the paranormal, that’s not exactly what this compilation of short stories is about. But I love the different ways the actual footage is captured in the stories and I especially enjoyed POV zombie attack, even if it was more gruesome than I usually like my horror!


V/H/S: Viral

The version I saw of this only had three short stories but I have read that there is a fourth which was cut. Hopefully I’ll get to see that at a later stage. The main story is a little less clear and is stranger than the ones in the previous installments of this series. I can’t say that I enjoyed it very much. However, two of the short stories I really liked. The third had stupid teens and was too similar to a video game, which I guess was the purpose but wasn’t for me. But back to the two that I liked, the thing I enjoyed the most about them was the story. They were original and told very well through found footage. There is very little (if anything at all) paranormal about this movie, but if you watch the first two, you may want to see this too.


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