The Last Exorcism

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A Preacher is exposing the exploitative tricks used by him and others in his profession when dealing with supposed exorcisms. He has decided to take on one last exorcism which will be filmed by a documentary crew to allow him to illustrate the gimmicks of his profession. So they all head to the farm of a devout family where some strange happenings have been occurring.

I really enjoyed this movie, but just about every person I spoke to was disappointed by it. It was unfortunately marketed and shown as some kind of new The Exorcist, when it is anything but, so the negative comments are related to what was expected from this movie, rather than what was delivered. I admit I may be adding to those expectations by including this movie on this list, and it is not exactly a found footage movie, but more a mock-umentary. In my opinion, the acting is solid, especially the preacher, who has lost all faith and belief yet finds himself facing so much. The ending is as surprising for him as it is for us the viewers.

The story builds so beautifully, and it is interspersed by just the right amount of creepiness and suspense. It is engaging and you find yourself along for the ride, never quite knowing what is happening and why. If you can leave behind what you expect this movie to be and accept the story for what it is, then this is definitely well-worth watching. I’ve added the trailer of the movie below for those that are interested in watching it. But seriously, I urge you to just take the plunge and watch the movie and let it take you where it will; if you enjoy a good story with different layers and irony, you won’t be disappointed.


The Last Exorcism 2

The sequel takes place six months after the events of the last movie and continues with the story of the exorcism.

This is a straight forward movie rather than a found-footage one, and it may still be of interest to people who enjoyed the first installment. I have to admit that I did not like it at all and I include it here as information only and not as a recommendation. This movie bears no resemblance to the first movie at all, not in execution, story or scares. I found it wholly unnecessary.

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