Grave Encounters

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Unlike Paranormal Activity and even Apartment 143, this story is not about a family haunted in their home. The movie revolves around a team of Reality TV ghost hunters who investigate an abandoned mental asylum by locking themselves in for the night. While they obviously hope to catch some evidence of the paranormal, they are unprepared for the ensuing madness and all is definitely not as it seems.

At the beginning of this movie I was not at all impressed, as it seemed the rendition of the TV ghost hunters was rather cheesy. However, I was very pleasantly surprised as the movie progressed. The acting is actually good, which cannot be said about most of the movies in this genre (not even about all the movies in this list) and there are some nice thrills and scares. As crazy as the movie gets, it is definitely a lot of scary fun…horror movie fans know what I mean!  I would confidently say that it is very much one of the best paranormal investigators/found footage movies as the reality TV set up, which I initially found so cheesy, works so well to set the stage and explain the motivations of the characters.  At first there is all the usual doors slamming, “Did you hear that?” fuss that all ghost hunter type shows are known for, but very soon we actual get to see the hideous and scary residents of the asylum.


Grave Encounters 2

After the success of Grave Encounters I guess it was inevitable that there would be a Grave Encounters 2. This sequel is about a film student who is obsessed with the first Grave Encounters movie. While the rest of the world thinks it is just a found footage movie, he has started to discover that it may actually be real and he sets out to prove to this. He discovers the location of the mental asylum and heads there with a group of friends and recording equipment. As one would expect, all hell breaks loose again and he discovers more about the reality of the place than he ever bargained on!

While we head back to the the asylum, there is an extra layer of reality given to this sequel with the way the first movie treated exactly as the work of fiction that it is…or is it?  I think the realism of found footage is the whole point of these movies and so I always appreciate that.

If you liked the first one, then you must watch the second one. There are mixed feelings about it, but I can say that they definitely deliver much more of the same as the first one and the idea for the story is good although it becomes very strange. Check it out for yourself and see what you think!


Movies Like Paranormal Activity Found Footage Horror 5 of 10 →