Who to Take on a Ghost Hunt

If you’re wondering why who to take on a ghost hunt is even a consideration, then pay attention ghost hunters: NEVER EVER GO HUNTING GHOSTS ON YOUR OWN! This is not so much because of any danger from the ghosts but mainly because you’ll most likely be wandering around in the dark, at night in remote places; it just makes sense to have someone with you. What if you were to trip and fall, for instance?

If you decide to go ghost hunting in a team, make sure you respect and trust one another. Don’t take anyone who will not treat the investigation seriously, as they may play jokes on other team members, making it hard to believe what phenomena is real or a trick. You want to be with a group of people where if one person says “I just heard/saw/felt something” no-one will doubt that person’s sincerity. While skepticism is healthy, trust is crucial.

You want people who have respect for the spirits you expect to encounter; you don’t want someone who will start challenging or antagonising the ghosts. While it is highly unlikely that you will be at any risk of attack or other negative repercussions from spirits, it is a possibility of which every member of the team should be aware.

The best thing to do is to have an agreed upon set of rules and guidelines for all members of the ghost hunting team. The more you go out and hunt for ghosts, the more you will understand how the team works and what actions work well and which do not.

One person should be in charge of the whole hunt, but take along different people in the team; skeptics, psychics, people skilled in different fields. Everyone will contribute something to the ghost hunt and make it a richer and more rewarding experience.

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