When and Where to Hunt Ghosts

The halls have ghosts
Ghosts are absolutely everywhere! They are all around us at any hour of any day; anywhere people have been or are, there are ghosts. But if you’re going to go hunting ghosts then you want something a little more concrete to go on then that.

The best thing to do is to make a list of all the local areas that have had reports of ghosts; this is actually very easy to do and you’ll be surprised at the list you can compile with just a little time surfing the net. Always research each area carefully before you plan your hunt.

While we tend to associate ghosts with night time, they can actually be seen at any time. But there may be certain hours of the day that people have reported certain ghosts in different locations. Your research will tell you at what times of the day certain ghosts have shown up and in what areas. However, it can be difficult to conduct a ghost hunt when you have members of the public traipsing through your location and with the noises of traffic and daily life that are an inevitable part of a day time hunt. Plus photographing anomalies like ghost orbs is not particularly easy when you have lots of natural sunlight. This is why night time, with its silence and darkness is the preferred time to hunt ghosts.

For first time ghost hunters, I would suggest trying out an investigation either indoors or even in a cemetery; it gives you a chance to try out your equipment and try out different scenarios. But don’t be tempted to just jump the fence and start your investigation. Always make sure you have permission to be there if you’re planning on investigating after hours.

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