Tips on Using Your Equipment to Hunt Ghosts

ghost hunting walk ipswich - psychogeophysicsHere are some extra tips on using your equipment to hunt ghosts. After all, you may have the best and most expensive equipment, but it is no substitute for common sense and covering all your basics:

  • While all the electronic equipment is great, do not pass up on the basics like simple pens and paper, as it can bring great depth and organisation to any phenomena caught in photographs or as EVP by showing what else was going on at the time it was captured, thus allowing you to replicate your findings. Also, while batteries can be drained, pen and paper cannot!
  • Don’t start clicking photos as soon as you enter a room. Allow the spirits to get used to your presence and don’t be afraid to ask them if you can photograph them. If you feel something, click a photograph, sometimes trusting our instincts is the best ghost detector we have.
  • The ghost photography rules also apply to catching EVP. Spend some time in an area, and make a note of any ambient sounds in the area. When you’re ready, start the recorder, stating the time, location and people present. Place the recorder down to limit any sound interference through touch. Speak clearly and calmly and ask questions, allowing a pause for a response. Later when you playback the recording, listen with headphones for best results.
  • Always test your EMF Meter at home to make sure that it is not picking up false positives. Also, be aware of any electronic equipment at the ghost hunt location that could affect your readings. In fact, the best thing to do is to get a baseline reading at the beginning of the hunt, so it will be more obvious when there are peaks during the investigation.

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