Equipment You Will Need to Hunt Ghosts

Ghost Hunting Stuff
It is necessary to spend vast amounts of cash on hi-tech equipment. Here is a checklist of the most important equipment you will need to hunt ghosts:

  • Note book and pens: Even if you’ll be recording things like temperature fluctuations and other significant occurrences on electronic recording device, it is important that at least one member of each group manually notes significant occurrences, such as time, location, weather conditions, any anomalies and reactions or feelings within the team. This person may often find themselves having to make notes in dimly lit locations, so a pen with a built in light would be a great idea.
  • Camera: You can use just about any camera to photograph ghosts and anomalies, just remember to have your camera set to the correct settings (flash, night time photography etc) to ensure that you get the clearest photographs possible. If you’re just going to be ghost hunting for fun, then a digital camera is fine, however if you want to take your findings further than it is harder to prove a digital photograph has not been tampered with. Keeping this in mind, you may want to use a camera with film so you’ll have a negative of any photograph that shows some ghostly image.
  • EMF Meter: An EMF Meter detects electromagnetic fields. In day to day use, it can be used to detect faults in electrical appliances in the home, but for ghost hunters, it is considered to be one of the most important tools at detecting the presence of ghosts. Spikes in the EMF detected by the meter, are usually an indication that a spirit is close and on many occasions these spikes have correlated with paranormal experiences of witnesses. Skeptics say that it is the EMF that is causing the feelings and sensations, while ghost hunters say it is the supernatural being detected by the EMF Meter. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that an EMF Meter is an essential piece of kit on a ghost hunt.
  • Voice Recorder: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), which are thought to be the voices of ghosts, can be recorded with any kind of voice recording device. Use a recorder that allows you to set the quality of the recording to high quality (HQ).
  • Thermometer: The presence of ghosts can be detected by temperature fluctuations – you will usually find that the temperature drops suddenly.
  • Extra Batteries or an Emergency Charger: Always take fully charged equipment on a hunt, but even then ghosts can drain the batteries. This is why you should always have a stash of extra batteries, and an emergency battery charger.
  • Torches, Candles and Matches: As already mentioned, batteries can be drained, so while you will most definitely have torches with you as you navigate the dark, it is also worth taking candles and matches with you. To prevent the risk of fires, always carry the candles in a candle lantern.
  • First Aid Kit: This is vital, for obvious reasons. While you may never need to use it, accidents do happen, so always be sure to pack a good First Aid Kit.

Of course, there are lots of other tools you can take with you, but to begin with, this is more than enough. As you become more experienced in your ghost hunting, you will have a better idea of what you will need and you can then get more equipment if needed.

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