The Entity

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The screenplay for The Entity was written by Frank De Felitta who wrote the bestselling novel of the same name. The story is about a hard working single mother who begins to be attacked first alone in her home, but also in front of her children and in her car. She is assaulted, bitten and beaten black and blue, but her assailant is an unseen supernatural entity that appears to be attached to her. She finally finds a group of parapsychologists who try to document her experiences and hope to capture the Entity.

I don’t think I realised this was based on a true story until I watched the documentary Hollywood Ghost Stories, and then I was fascinated by the accounts of the real parapsychologists who had been involved in the case. I remember watching this movie again when I was at university with a group of friends and it was no less horrifying than when I first watched it. There has been talk of a remake for many years, but it doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.

Doris Bither: The Real Victim of the Entity

In 1974, in Culver City California, a mother of 3 overhears a couple of parapsychology students talking about the supernatural in a book store and she approaches them with her own story. The woman’s name was Doris Bither and the students agreed to look into her case, even though they expected the ‘hauntings’ she reported to be no more real than any of the other cases they had investigated. But her own children and even other people corroborated what she said as they had witnessed these attacks. Her son had even had his arm broken when he tried to intervene during an attack and was thrown across the room.

Despite their initial scepticism, they found what they believed to be evidence of a real haunting. During their investigation they took photographs of orbs moving in arcs around the woman when she claimed the spirit entities were close. Most of these types of reports may get turned into books and movies, but very few are actually investigated as they are happening. The parapsychologists who investigated this case spoke very openly and candidly about their findings for many years to come on a variety of different television shows.

Unfortunately, they were unable to help rid the woman of the haunting and she eventually moved from the house. But, where most hauntings are believed to be connected to the building, the entity or entities that were attacking her followed, although it is said that over time they lessened until they eventually disappeared all together. What I find extremely sad is that Doris Bithers had lived a life of abuse, first at the hands of her parents and then from the men she chose to have relationships with. She was also known to have been inebriated for much of the time. I wonder how much of what she experienced was caused my her own mindset, much in the way adolescents are thought to bring on poltergeist attacks.

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