The Conjuring

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The ConjuringThis 2013 release tells the story of the Perron family and the help they received from Ed and Lorraine Warren in tackling their haunting. As with The Amityville Horror a family moves into a new home. Their collonial home holds many horrors and the family sees spirits and the daughters are even attacked by these. They seek the help of the Warrens who discover that the house is cursed because a witch called Bathsheba sacrificed a baby to the devil and committed suicide on the property. It soon becomes apparent that the Perron family mother is the most affected and she is a danger to her own children.

I loved this horror movie as it was very well made and had scares galore. Lorraine Warren was part of the production team and I even spotted her sitting in the auditorium when the onscreen Warrens are giving a lecture. But how much of what was shown was real, considering the tagline of the movie is that it is based on the case files of the Warrens?

The Perron Family

The real story dates back to 1971, when the Warren family came to the aid of the Perron family. I watched an interview on San Antonio Living (gotta love youtube!) with Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter, and when she was asked how much of what actually happened was shown in the movie, she did say that the real events were worse and that a lot had been cut out of the movie because it was just too scary. She also stated that the events took place over a longer period and that the Warrens did not actually move in as shown in the movie, nor did the exorcism take place as shown. What must be kept in mind is that Andrea Perron was there to plug her own books; a trilogy called House of Darkness, House of Light. I did find it interesting that she stated that some time after they had left that house in Rhode Island and moved into a new farmhouse, Lorraine Warren called them asking them to go public with their story as they could make a “life changing” amount of money. But they refused.


There are a couple of scenes in The Conjuring where the cursed doll ‘Annabelle’ makes an appearance. At the beginning when the Warrens acquire her and again when their own daughter is under a supernatural attack. This lead to the 2014 release of a movie based on this doll, which is a prequel to The Conjuring. When I heard about the movie Annabelle and that it is a prequel I couldn’t even remember when and where she made an appearance. At the time of writing this, I have yet to see this evil doll in action. I have read several reviews and they all state that the movie is largely a fictional account. For those that are interested, check out the video below which is from the Ed and Lorraine Warren youtube channel and is a tour of the ‘Occult Museum’ at the back of Lorraine’s home and you can see the real Annabelle in her glass enclosure.

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